Adventure for Children

After working with children for over a decade, we believe each child can be challenged to step beyond his or her own capacity. Stepping beyond includes personal growth and solidarity, developing self-sufficiency, trusting in new friendships, learning to be sensitive to the needs of others in the community and opening up to new experiences. We help children set and meet goals in a safe, secure environment, whether they want to identify birds with admiration, climb with technique, or bike one more hill, Woody Adventures is the ideal place to find a safe, warm, friendly atmosphere and fun.

Woody Adventures has many activities for children aged 5 and above. Rock climbing, sport climbing, Himalayan trekking expeditions, skiing, cave walking, fort exploration, jungle hikes, camping overnights, parasailing, cross country cycling, and hill climbing are activities thoroughly enjoyed by children.

Our programs are designed to match the childa��s physical and psychological needs. Call us now! An adventure of a lifetime could become another habit.

Our kids have so much fun that their parents often join in for the next trip!