Outward Bound Training

Outward Bound Training or Outdoor Management Development Programs are based on experiential learning in the outdoors. Some things cannot be learned from books or lectures. The outdoors provides an extremely powerful medium for training in new skills or help providing them to improve old ones.

At Woody Adventures Inc., we ensure that we maximize the benefits and use the principles and ethics of experiential learning while providing logistics support. All our management exercises are full of relevant process-experience. The outdoor tasks match the participantsa�� physical, psychological and managerial needs.

The OBT/OMD programs are customized and arranged at your choice of location. We do give some useful information on equipment, safety, and human and geographical resources. Be it annual sales meet or annual get-together or out-and-out fun program, Woody Adventures Inc. has been providing practical advice and inspiration for corporate employees, management development trainers and many educational institutions since its inception.