Gummanayakana Palya

Gummanayakana Palya is a quaint village near Bagepalli, about 95 kms from Bangalore, hidden away amidst big hills and boulders. The mighty hill fort that dominates the town is a pointer to its glorious past. The roundish rock hump was chosen to build a strong seven-tiered fort. Past the first doorway are temples of Hanuman and Ganapathi and further up takes us to the ruins of the queena��s palace, which now have a corridor with intricately latticed windows. Further are the remains of the main palace, where the last ruler Narasimha Nayaka IV lived. The last few steps on the hill lead to the top which is a group of towers surrounded by a narrow moat with stagnant water. Below on the western side is a large beautiful lake where the cool wind soothes the mind. There are boating facilities and a newly built rest house with a forest research centre. With the blend of a historical fort, ruined temples and a picturesque lake, this place has much to offer for an adventurer.
It is told here were many small time rulers (Nayaks) whom Tippu suspected were colluding with the British. So he attacked them. While most Nayaks fled, one took refuge here and became the local chieftan (paleygar). He was largely encouraged by a wealthy philanthropic farmer, Gummi Reddy after whom the town acquired ita��s present name.

Rainfall-Pre monsoon rains in May. Southwest monsoon in June-September. Northa��East monsoon in October. 18The average rainfall is 560 mm a year and this is, moreover, erratic and spatial. Every fifth or sixth year is a drought, followed by near famine conditions.

Average Temperature-Max 29 Min 18