250 km from Bengaluru, Kodagu is in the middle of Western Ghats with lush green rolling hills, forests and coffee plantations. It is enveloped with evergreen and semi evergreen forest. The coffee blossom in April is an awesome sight. Pepper, cardamom and ginger plants are also found in the plantations.

Coorg is a delightful place for long and short walks. Popular trek routes are around Talacauvery, Madikeri, Kottebetta and Tadiandamol.

The most traditional and homely Palace Estate and Kinga��s Cottage at Kakkabe are the nicest places to stay.A� You could choose to stay in the cozy rooms or pitch your own tents in the courtyard. It is under the 1745 m mighty Tadiandamol peak and 200 m above Nalnad Palace, a 17th century hunting lodge.



Rainfall- About 100 mm Pre monsoon rains in May. Average 500 mm Southwest monsoon in June-September. High in July. About 100 mm Northa��East monsoon in October.

Average Temperature-Max 25 Min 16