In the Western Ghats, 300 km from Bengaluru, Kudremukh forest is a dense mixture of moist and dry deciduous forests. There are also patches of grasslands and its deep valleys are infested with moss jungles and brooks. You are most likely to see ferns, orchids, pepper, cardamom and ginger plants.

The popular short trek to the imposing mountains of Ballalarayanadurga fort is about 4 hours from the temple. Camping out in the templea��s premises and chatting with the priesta��s family is a pleasant experience.A� Another most frequented trail is the Samse-Kudremukh peak. You can also camp here in the wilderness.



Rainfall- About 100 mm Pre monsoon rains in May. Average 400 mm Southwest monsoon in June-September. High in July. About 100 mm North a��East monsoon in October.

Average Temperature: Max 27 Min 17