Lahul & Spiti Valleys

Traveling northward from Manali, past the sulphur springs, of Vashisht, and the Brighu Lake is the breathtaking region of Lahual across the Rohtang Pass at a height of 4,111 meters (13,400 ft) reached by the worlda��s highest jeepable road right up to, and even beyond, Keylong.A� It is 497 Kms long. The Chandra and Bhaga rivers nourish the threshold of the Lahual plateau.A� Dry and very cold, it is surrounded by high mountains on all sides, the Great Himalayas to the north, the Pir Panjal to the South and the Spiti-Chandra watershed to the east.A� From Lahual, the Himalayas can be seen in mighty splendor.A� The barren landscape and sparse vegetation lends a magnificent charm to this otherwise bleak country.

For Buddhist art and culture, the monasteries of Lahual and Spiti have rich repositories of ancient murals, thanks, woodcarvings and golden image of the Padmasambhava. With their slant Mongol eyes, prominent cheekbones and cheerful smiles, the people give visitors an enthusiastic welcome.A� They are charming, friendly and hospitable with their own traditional dances, ballads, folk tales and legends.


Best season:

Manali and surrounding area : April to June & September to November

Kangra Valley: April to June & September to November

Leh and Zanskar (Ladakh): July & August



Since the valley is situated in rain shadow area, north of the Pir Panjal ranges the weather remains pleasant and quite comfortable during summers i.e. from May to mid Oct. This is the best season to visit this valley. It seldom rains, and the Mercury level does not exceed 300c and never falls below 150 c through out the period mentioned above. One can always enjoy bright sunshine wandering within lush green valley. There is little or no rain in monsoons. The climate remains dry & invigorating. The days are hot and nights are extremely cold.


During winter, i.e. from Nov. last to April because of western disturbances it snows heavily and the temp. goes down below minus. There is an average annual snowfall of about 7 feet.