Maribetta or Bananthamaribetta is lesser-known adventure destination. Exploring new territory like Maribetta, is a challenge for hardcore adventurers. The hill is located 55 Kms from Bengaluru near Kanakapura and further 6 kms on the Ramnagar Road. The landscape is generously scattered with rocky hills. The hard trek through the narrow valley, rocky slopes and thorny bushes makes the trip adventurous and very interesting. It is also an ideal destination for landscape photography.

New rock climbing routes can be discovered. It is said there exists a small fort nearby. Maribetta is good for camping too.



Rainfall-Pre monsoon rains in May. Heavy southwest monsoon September. Northa´┐Ż´┐ŻEast monsoon in October – November

Average Temperature-Max 30 Min 18