40 km from Bengaluru, within a 2 km radius of Ramanagara, are several stunning, sheer granite cliffs.A� The best places to head for are the three separate peaks, huddled together, at the village of Ramgiri. It is a picturesque location with rocks, shrub greenery, hamlet and ponds. The fortress of Ramgaree, which was successfully attackedA�by the British in December 1791, stands in ruins . Many Indian movies have exploited this natural stateliness. Not to forget the big Hindi blockbuster a�?Sholaya�?.


Ramanagaram is a favorite destination for rock climbers. The rocks are challenging. Climbers can endure up to grade 7. Ita��s also ideal for light wilderness treks and camps.



Rainfall-Pre monsoon rains in May. Heavy Southwest monsoon in September. Northa��East monsoon in October a�� November.

Average Temperature-Max 35 Min 18