Rangaswamy Hills

About sixty kilometers from Bengaluru, on the Kanakpura road is the dense thorny shrub forests of the Rangaswamy hills.A� The base can be accessed either from Doddamaralvadi (after Harohalli) or from Kanakpura.A� A perennial stream skirts the hill base that disappears deep into the valley.A� A small cave temple blends in these serene forests of Rangaswamy Hills.

The steep 2 A? hours walk to the top ends at a cliff that offers a breath taking view of the vast green forest cover. The flat top is ideal for camping. Ita��s also a wonderful place for cross-country cycling and Cliff Rappelling.



Rainfall-Pre monsoon rains in May. Heavy southwest monsoon September. Northa��East monsoon in October – November

Average Temperature-Max 30 Min 18