Sikkim, other than the military activity, is a tiny jewel-like state with spectacular mountain terrain, varied flora and fauna and ancient Buddhist Monasteries.

Trekking expeditions in Sikkim are best in Spring (March to May) and Autumn (October to December). There are many interesting trek routes. But the most popular circuit is the Dzongri Trek route in western Sikkim and commonly starts from Pemayangste or Yuksom. The trek is via Yuksum, Tsoka, Dzongri, Zemathang, Labdong, Tashiding and finally return to Pemayangste. The trekking altitude ranges between 9000 feet and 18000 feet. The route offers a range of natural attractions of snow capped peaks, dense tropical and coniferous forests, rhododendrons, magnolias, orchids, primulaesa��waterfalls, streams and varieties of birds and butterflies. Time spent in the calm and serene atmosphere of the great monasteries and sacred lakes will give you the chance to rediscover yourself.

The tourist brochure distributed by the tourism office at Gangtok reads as a�?You will share the simplicity of the Sikkimese villagers. As the night falls, whilst you sip your a�?changa�? around the campfire, should you glance up at the sky and see the stars, you will be told of a Sikkimese legend thata��the stars are the laughter of the Sikkimese which waited into the sky and froze into the countless stars..a�?. It is true to the core.



Cold Winters in the month of November to February with minimum temperatures dipping to 4 centigrade during January – February. It is between the month of March and early May when sunshine is quite abundant. Though summer is officially from May to October, Sikkim is almost always wet due to the heavy monsoons, with rains at times continuing for days on ends. Longest recorded nonstop rain is 11 days. September to October is Autumn. A peculiar feature of Sikkim weather is that though there is a classification of sorts of the various seasons, actually experiences a cold winter from end of November to February and monsoons throughout the year with a little respite during May – June and October – November. Even the winter months can be irritatingly wet and damp with the unpredictable showers.


Best season to visit: March to June and September to December

Maximum summer temperature: 28 A� C

Minimum winter temperature: 0 A� C