Sultanpet – Nandidurg

Sultanpet to Nandi durg [hills] trek is a visual treat. 56 Kms from Bengaluru, the trek starts at the foothills of Nandi Hills at Sultanpet. Use the stone steps that edges gently on the slopes to reach the summer rest house of Tippu Sultan situated inside the hilltop fortress.

Nandidurg is at an altitudeA�of aroundA�4800 feetA�amid the Nandi Hills near Bengaluru.A� Captain AllanA�described the fort asA�”a strong spacious fortress, with the best constructed works of all the hill forts, and one of those by Tippoo deemed impregnable”.A� It was captured by a detachmentA�commanded by Major Gowdie on 18 October 1791.A� Control cameA�at quite a cost: the casualties during the siege amounting to 110.A� The British found a plentiful stock of provisions and military stores here, but ceded the fortA�to Tipu after the Treaty of Seringapatam in 1792.

The leisurely trek takes about an hour and half. During monsoon, the route is richly decorated with wild Lantana shrubs. The beautiful clusters of pink and yellow lantana flowers and abundant bird life keeps the trek interesting and soothing. As you near the top, gusty winds howl past you. A few reminiscent stone doorways create a feel of timelessness. Though the Nandi top is crowded with picnickers, this day trek route is otherwise an isolated get-away destination. You can expect the top to be foggy between late dusk and dawn.



Rainfall-Pre monsoon rains in May. Southwest monsoon in June-September. Northa��East monsoon in October

Average Temperature-Max 29 Min 18